Is Black really better? Are we still measuring value by color?

Welcome to BlackIsBetter, where apparently the shade of your skin determines your worth. Because who needs to consider character, personality, or any other qualities when we can just focus on melanin levels? Brace yourself for an exploration of racial stereotypes masked as an appreciation for the color black.

What does BlackIsBetter offer? A parade of stereotypes or genuine appreciation?

Get ready to dive into a world where superficiality reigns supreme. BlackIsBetter showcases an assortment of images, videos, and discussions that may or may not perpetuate racial stereotypes. From the assumption that physical attributes are universally superior to the generalization that black individuals possess some mystical qualities, it’s all here for your questionable enjoyment.

Who are the enthusiasts behind BlackIsBetter? Do they truly understand diversity?

Join a community that believes reducing individuals to their skin color is the pinnacle of enlightenment. Engage in conversations with like-minded individuals who have apparently discovered the secret sauce to life’s success: being black. After all, who needs diversity when you can just celebrate one color?

Is BlackIsBetter challenging societal norms or just reinforcing biases?

Prepare to question whether BlackIsBetter is genuinely challenging societal norms or simply reinforcing harmful biases. While claiming to celebrate diversity, it conveniently reduces individuals to stereotypes and superficial attributes. But hey, who needs nuanced perspectives when you can make broad assumptions, right?

Does BlackIsBetter promote meaningful dialogue or superficial fetishization?

Uncover the depths of conversation on BlackIsBetter as users engage in discussions about the supposed superiority of blackness. Explore the fine line between genuine appreciation and fetishization, as users share their experiences, preferences, and questionable beliefs. Because what better way to connect with others than by reducing them to their skin color?


BlackIsBetter is a subreddit that walks the fine line between celebration and fetishization. While it claims to appreciate black individuals, it often reduces them to stereotypes and fails to promote genuine diversity or understanding. Whether it’s the perpetuation of racial biases or the fetishization of a particular skin color, BlackIsBetter serves as a reminder that true appreciation and understanding go far beyond the superficial. So, if you’re looking for meaningful dialogue or genuine celebration of diversity, you may want to look elsewhere.